Ways To Fix Windows Search Not Working 2021

Windows search Not Working

Windows search not working is one of the common errors reported by Windows 10 users. If you are the windows users, you had come across many problems or faced many errors from time to time. Windows search becomes unresponsive when windows search is not working.

Today in this article, you will be given different methods to fix windows search working. This method can help you to improve windows search not working. There are no single reasons by which windows search is not working. But, it can be fixed by following some of the simple methods. Bellow, we had listed some of the best ways to fix windows not working error.

Tricks To Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working

Bellow, we had listed some of the best Tricks to Fix Windows 10 Search’s not working errors.

Try To Reset Windows Search Back To The Default 

This strategy is valuable for PCs running Windows 10 adaptation 1903 or later.

On your Pc, just move to settings >> Update & Security >> Troubleshoot >> View History.

Now Check that you still got the same “Windows Search Not Working” error or not.

If your windows search is not working still then, follow or try the other mentioned below Methods.

Try To Check Updates or Rollback Updates.

Windows frequently carry out refreshes for its working framework. Clients are required to refresh their working frameworks consistently for a smooth and secure client experience.

Nonetheless, if your Windows 10 working framework isn’t state-of-the-art, you might be struck by blunders, including mistakes that don’t work in Windows search.

To Fix the Windows Search Not Working error, you need to update your operating system Windows 10, to the latest version.

  • 1. switch on your Pc,
  • 2. Move to the Settings
  • 3. go to Update & Security
  • 4. Now, Click on Windows Update
  • 5. now check for the updates.

If you notice any pending updates, you may install them.

If anyhow, you think that the error has occurred while updating then, you may roll out to the previous States by the below steps.

  • 1. Just on your PC
  • 2. move to settings
  • 3. Go to the Update & Security option
  • 4. go to Windows Update
  • 5. Now, move to the Update History
  • 6. Lastly, press on the uninstall updates.

Who will give this last option in the blue link? Then, check the latest update, install it on your PC, press on the ‘uninstall’ option, and then restart your Pc.

If still, windows search is not working, try the other best method to tackle this error.

Try To Run Indexing Troubleshooting

Utilizing this investigator, you can fix Windows 10 Search not working. Follow the means recorded underneath to execute this technique.

Step 1 – Go to your settings.

Step 2- Go to your Settings >> Update & Security >> Troubleshoot.

Step 3- Click on the ‘Search and Indexing’ option and then select the ‘Run as troubleshooter’ option.

Step 4– A list of particular options will appear in your screen bar. Just check the option which is relevant to your pc.

Step 5- Now, click on the “Next” and be troubleshooting is completed.

Now look on the windows; search has started functioning or not. Just go to the following method if it is not working.

Try To Rebuild the Index

Step 1- Just open Control Panel in your pc

Step 2- Now, just Set the ‘small Icons’ In the view by option and click on the ‘indexing option’ from the list.

Step 3- Click on the ‘advanced’ Options to open the advanced option. Here, click on the “Rebuild” located in the troubleshooting section.

Then, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete that Process. Now, check the error has been fixed or not.



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