5 Best Voice Changer apps for Discord 2021

Best Voice Changer apps for Discord

Best Voice changer apps for Discord, voice Changer app: There are large number of people who plays online games with friends, family and strangers And If you wants to change your voice in real-time while online gaming in the discord app then continue reading this article. Here we had provided our users a brief 5 Best voice changer app for discord, MAC & Windows so that you can easily prank you friends.

When you are playing multiplayer game and wants to communicate with your friends, then you only need Discord. Some of the online games provide the default Features of Communication but, many gamers will prefer you to communicate with Discord in any platform to interact with your friends.

For video gaming community discord was designed. It is a freeware VoIP application platform.

With the help of Discord you can share your data through audio clips, text messages, video and images.

Discord Application was officially First time released on 13th May, 2015. It usually runs on almost all of the device or operating system like macOS, Android, windows, linux, iOS and in web browser.

Also, discord allows users to understand in 27 different languages. Such as English, Russian, Romania, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Now this application is having globally users more than 300 Million unique uses.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord

1. Soundboard

Best Voice changer apps

Soundboard Voice changer

This is quite possibly the most adjustable voice transformers for discord, which you can use on Discord! You can make your own soundboard by modifying the default soundboard. You can pick your hotkeys to enact the voice transformer, you can likewise choose Sound Buttons with probably the best audio effects.

2. ClownFish : Best Discord Voice Changer Windows

Voice Changer apps for Discord

ClownFish Voice Changer

This is another valuable voice changer apps for Discord, which you can use in your disorder or any other stage where you can use a receiver to collaborate with others. This product is very basic to use and has since been accompanied by the most attractive voice options, for example, Alien, Robot, Men, Women, Children, and so forth.

How To Use ClownFish On Discord

In order, to use ClownFish on discord just follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Just Download ClownFish application on your device and install it.

2) just after installing ClownFish Software of 64-Bit version. Now look on the menu options.

3) Now, Click on the “Set Voice Changer” option in the clownfish section.

4) You can now load your favourite sounds by searching there. Also, you are able to assign hotkeys to your friends.

3. VoiceMod : Best Voice Changer For Windows

Voice Changer apps

Voice Changer apps

Voicemod is quite possibly the most broadly utilized voice evolving programming! It tends to be utilized to change your voice on various stages, for example, Discord, Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Hangout, and so forth The clients are furnished with in excess of a hundred voice alternatives to browse! Likewise, utilizing this product is very basic.

Now just look below your frequently asked question.

Steps To Utilise VoiceMod Voice Changer On Discord

1) Just Download VoiceMod Voice Changer Software on your device and install it.

2) Just look at the app’s bottom left corner, there will be setting Option, just click on it.

3) Now, Click on the option”Voice & Video” Section on your software settings.

4) Finally expand list of input device and choose Microphone (VoiceMod Virtual Audio Device)

5) At last, Just click Esc Option in Keyword in order to make changes which you had made.

4. MorphVox : Windows/MacOS

Voice Changer apps

Voice Changer app | MorphVox

MorphVOX is an extremely helpful voice changer apps for Discord, which you can use on your Discord or whatever other stage where you can utilize a mouthpiece to communicate with others. This the lone free voice transformer application for disagreement continuously gaming.

Utilizing MorphVOX with Mumble very basic and it accompanies since if the most intriguing voice alternatives, for example, Alien, Robot, male, female, child, and so on.

How To Use MorphVox On Discord

1) Just Download MorphVox Application and after, downloading just install it.

2) Just run MorphVox software and please ensure that the “tune in” button is off, so you don’t hear your voice while you’re talking while at the same time gaming.

3) Now, just run “Mumble” and then, just click the “configure” option. After selecting choose “Audio Wizard”.

4) After, applying all the T&C, click “Device Selection” now it automatically change the page, input device to microphone.

5) just by following this steps you are now able to change your voice in discord software.

5. Voxal : MacOS

Best Voice changer app

Voxal | Voice changer apps

Indeed, even this voice changer apps for Discord accompanies a rundown of helpful highlights, which one can utilize not exclusively to change their voice progressively yet in addition apply voice changes on recorded voices. Additionally, one can utilize this product to chat on Discord, without sounding out of sync.

It has an enormous assortment of voices, for example, robot, young lady, kid, outsider, climatic, reverberation, and so on Aside from Discord, one can likewise utilize this product on other correspondence stages, for example, Skype, Hangouts, and so on

How Can You Utilise Voxal Voice Changer on Discord ?

In order to utilise Voxal Voice Changer software on Discord just follow the below mentioned steps

1) Just Download Voxal Voice Changer software and then, Install it.

2) Just go to the Settings of chat program, which is present in the left corner of main screen.

3) Select Microphone option in Audio Settings.

4) Choose Meme Sound Machine option, present in the VoiceMod Section.

5) Now, you are able to assign hotkeys to your friends as well as, you can load your favourite sounds by searching there.

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