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Best Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India [2021]

Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India

Each of us likes the Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India. This website is famous for showing online sports streaming. Due to covid-19 lockdown, these sports streaming sites become more popular worldwide as trends.

People use to watch their favourite sports at home from sports streaming sites. These sites are having a better user-friendly interface and having a large number of audiences. Sports streaming sites shows different kinds of sports played worldwide and loves by people.

With these online sports streaming sites’ help, you can sit anywhere to watch your favourite sports online. Now, these sites are common and known by everyone.

Today in the list of best sports streaming sites, we had listed some of the Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India which can make you entertain anywhere you want, without sitting in one place in front of the television.

We love to watch sports like Cricket, Rugby championship, FIFA, hockey and nobody, etc. so, as we all know, we don’t have so much time to spend sitting in front of (TV) Television.

So, we had provided sports streaming sites by which you can easily watch or stream your favourite sports anywhere at any time.

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Sports streaming sites

Live Sports streaming sites

Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India

#1. FirstRow Sports

This is one of the best sports streaming sites by which users can stream online sports. Unique features of this site are that if you have slow internet connectivity, you can check the scoreboard, providing you with the latest live scores. But, on one side, you will also see numerous ads on every click. And for that, you can use an ads blocker, and it will help you a lot.

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#2. Sony LIV Sports

This is the 2nd most popular and best sports streaming sites, which will help you view your favourite sports anytime, anywhere.

This site has its advantages; this is amazing and having free access to live sports streaming through Mobile apps for Android, iOS and PC. Also, you can easily do sports streaming online through the website.

You are free to access your favourite sports anytime without paying any amount.

#3. Hotstar Sports

Hotstar Sports is another best online streaming website, which supports streaming of online sports. Hotstar is also available in the application for android users.

The Hotstar app is only famous for its live sports streaming Cricket and mostly covered Indian sports.

In this application or website, you will also watch online sports with some trending Movies and some Indian hot trending serials. This website or APK is free to access, but you may buy a subscription for the current trends.

#4. WatchESPN Play

I think that you must have heard about the ESPN sports channel. This is the best sports streaming sites. This APK has got a fantastic user-friendly interface with a large number of monthly users.

On this site or APK, you will find mostly US sports. If you like to watch US sports, you may try this once.

#5. All Sports LIVE

This last but not least, this is a valuable site for users who are serious about online sports streaming sites. These are the Top 5 Live Sports Streaming sites in India, which is famous in a low period.

This site has gained a large number of audiences in a brief period. This site is highly recommended in Russia. This site is famous for watching sports like football, tennis and hockey.

It is possible to use Google translator since it can be stream in any different languages. This is having the best user interface with day by day improvements or performance of this app.

This is awesome if you are looking for sports streaming sites. It would be best if you tried this once.


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