Method For Screen Share in Discord Server 2021

Screen share in discord server

Screen Share In Discord are not likely to be known by everyone. This feature provides many advantages to screen share in discord. After, analysing this benefits we decided to share with you methods for screen share in discord.

After, too much of research we had collected some information regards screen share in discord. Well without wasting your time, just look out the steps which we had provided for screen share in discord with audio and direct messages.

Discord is wonderful app provides different features like text messaging and voice transmitting also gives more advanced features to its users like sharing images, Audio, videos and multimedia forms. Users can also do some useful group chart for their small business.

Discord is most famous and liked by many gamers as, this helps in communication among other group members. Users are now able to screen share in discord server also users can do video calling.

What’s more, this Screen Sharing element is incorporated into the Discord application. To Screen Share in Discord, we don’t need to introduce some other application. This component is advantageous, and this makes the application a genuine contender to other applications that likewise permits video calling.

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In this way, on the off chance that you actually haven’t utilized the Discord application, at that point download it and begin utilizing it.

Upto ten people’s including you can easily able to utilise video calling in Discord.

Screen share in discord server

Screen share in discord server

Screen Share In Discord Server 2021

Enabling Screen Share in Discord Server, be sure that you must use discord desktop client, with the latest app version. With the person whome you wish to screen share, he/she must be on audio/video call.

Thus, it is better that you see that the audio / video highlight is working correctly.

Settings For Camera Video/Audio

1. Firstly, from left side of the bottom and on the right of your username vist settings.

2. Simply, from the left side menu visit app settings.

3. From there choose the voice and video option, adjust all video and audio settings

4. Now, in video settings from drop down choose video camera option.

5. On the right, there is a choice of test video to test whether everything is appropriate.

6. If you are utilising discord browser app then, you must enable camera access.

7. Under Voice Settings, choose Input and Output Devices. Test whether the mic is working by clicking on the Late Check button and everything is working.

Some Important Features For Screen Share in Discord Server

At the point when you share the screen, you can off the sound or on. This encourages you to communicate appropriately. There are numerous extraordinary and helpful highlights when you are offering the screen to your companions. A few offices are accessible here.

Video Marquee

This feature allows users to select and see video of a person when he is connected to group video call.

Whoever, users want to see, can choose that person to view. While rest will be slide right in the marquee. Simply, choose any person from the merquee to see that person.

Switch Full Screen

For the option screen share in Discord Server you can switch Full screen. You can simply, do this by clicking on double arrow icon, present in right side, and that expand arrow will make your screen full.

Turn sound on or off during screen share

You can turn sound on or off when you are sharing Screen with your group. It can be done by going to the application windows, choose off or on sound option.

Leave Call Button

If your screen share and group charting over. you can easily disconnect it by pressing on leave call button. If this is accidentally clicked, then your calling will be disconnected without notification.

Some useful Steps for screen share in discord

In order to start a video call, first you are required to have friends on Discord with group. You can start call, once they are in the friend’s list. If you are not there, simply visit the homepage from the discord icon which is at the top left of the screen.

1. First open the friends list by pressing on friends

2. Simply, Press on the friend’s username or their name as shown on the video call

3. As soon as you click on the friend’s name, a DM (direct message) will open with them.

4. Click the icon above the DM window and select Video Call

On the off chance that you are utilizing Discord on your Android or iOS, you can begin a video call by tapping on the three specks that are on the upper right of the screen. Moreover, in DM or group charting, there is an alternative to choose a video call.

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