Protect PDF Files With Password in Google Drive – 2020

Protect PDF file with password in Google drive

Protect PDF File In Google drive with password. Google drive didn’t provide a better option to the users to make secure there files and folders with password. But, we had brought some ways and tricks to protect PDF file in Google drive.

We had created “PDF toolbox” with the help of this users will be able to make password in their pdf file.

The PDF Toolbox is an addition to Google Drive that allows clients to add secret phrase security to PDF and Google records. The application additionally allows you to decode or erase passwords from PDFs that use Google Drive.

Due to the PDF tool kit, you currently need to download a document on your PC so that it can be encoded or decoded with a dedicated program. You can secure your report through the interface of Google Drive. Despite encryption, limitations on printing and commenting can be added to a PDF.

The main drawback is that PDF tool stashes need to be converted to unique Google reports, for example, Google Docs, Sheets, and Google Slides in PDF before encryption. In the event that you are essentially working with PDF, at that point you should not insist on losing the first record design.

Note: You can’t choose PDF records or Google documents more noteworthy than 10 MB since Google Drive forces a 10 MB document size limit.

Presently we should perceive how you can ensure a PDF, Excel record or Google Docs report in Google Drive utilizing the PDF Toolbox.

How To Password Protect Pdf File In Google drive

To Protect your PDF files with password in Google drive just follow the steps below we mentioned.

1) Install “PDF Toolbox”  Click here   and give it’s necessary permission.


PDF Toolbox

2) Now, allow the PDF toolbox to access Google tool files, in your device. Then, choose a Google account and hit ‘Allow’.

3) After establishment, the PDF toolbox will be added to Drive’s sidebar automatically. On the off chance that you can’t see the sidebar, simply click the ‘Open side board’ button at the base right corner.

4) To encode, select a PDF record or Google report in Google Drive and snap the container ‘PDF Toolbox’ symbol in the sidebar.

5) Snape ‘Approve’ to give admittance to the chose document. You have to approve to scramble or decode a document without fail.

6) Increase the “Encode PDF” segment currently. Enter the yield document name information, a secret phrase and you need to allow printing and comments on the recorded record.

7) Now, click on the “Encrypt button” to make your PDF files with password protected.

When the document is encoded, it will naturally be spared as a separate record in your Google Drive catalog. Open the record and now a secret key will be required to open it. In the meantime, you can download the sure record or email the document directly as the ideal person’s connection.

How To Remove Password From your Protected PDF In Google drive

To Remove Password From your Protected PDF format in Google drive just follow the steps bellow Which We mentioned.

1) Just select the PDF ensuring a secret phrase in Google Drive and open the ‘PDF ToolBox’ application in the sidebar.

2) Accept the PDF toolbox to get the encoded or Authorised record.

3) Proceed to the “Decode PDF” segment and enter the secret word you previously used to bolt the PDF record.

4) If your password is correct, click the “Decrypt” button and all PDF restrictions will be removed.

5) The unlocked PDF file (without password-protection) will be uploaded to your drive as a new file automatically.


So, Now from above Step by step guide you had got the appropriate directions to Protect PDF Files With Password in Google Drive. If still you have any problems you are free to comment us below we will try to help you.

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