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No-Follow Links, Aren’t Completely Useless, As You Believe

No-Follow Links

No-Follow Links

Don’t believe everything that you read and hear about no-follow links. There are many SEO myths in the world of search engine optimization, floating around out there in cyberspace. Unless one actually works for one of the main three search engines, one could easily be led astray. Therefore, one can’t believe everything that they read, and that’s said! Furthermore, it could send you back, to the front, of the starting line.

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No-Follow Links

Most, of what we know about SEO optimization, is by trial and error. It takes time to prove or disprove SEO techniques. Once we have proven that a SEO optimization technique works, it is added to our arsenal. Furthermore, what one uses today in search engine optimization, may not be as effective, at a later date. Therefore, one needs to be careful of what is being proposed, in its place.

Let’s take a look at the myth about the “nofollow tag“. Therefore, because people believe this, they move on, to the alternative that is suggested. In this case, you are most likely told to, track down high, PageRank links. However, there is danger lurking around the corner for you!

When your backlink strategy is composed of only building high, PageRank links. The search engines will detect this pattern, quite easily. Furthermore, your backlinks need to appear natural. Therefore, you’ll end up tripping some search engine trigger and get flagged! If that happens, you could, end up, a creek, without a paddle!
The truth about the no-follow tag, is that it doesn’t pass PageRank, any longer.

No-Follow Links

Furthermore, it won’t transfer any anchor text. Because of this, many people believe it is useless. However, any link containing a no-follow tag, will pass traffic. Especially, if you have a link on a website that gets a lot of traffic. The truth of the matter is, traffic is more valuable than PageRank. Without traffic, one wouldn’t be able to sell their products and services.


If you have a no-follow link on an authority site, it will most likely carry more weight, than a no-follow link on a site without any authority. Furthermore, Yahoo, follows links with the no-follow tag. Therefore, the no-follow tag, still has value!

Consider the fact, that whether the links have the “no-follow tag or not”, people will still follow them. You’ll be able to increase your readership, and the amount of products, and services you sell.

No-Follow Links

Let’s face it, traffic is traffic! Especially, if it is targeted traffic coming from a website with a related niche. Therefore, there isn’t any legitimate reason, that one should avoid getting no-follow links. The next time that you are building new links to your site, don’t forget to think, no-follow!

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