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Navman MY60T GPS

Navman MY60T GPS

Navman MY60T GPS

In order to gain access to the main menu in this GPS unit, you’ll want to turn on the physical Menu switch. This is designed to take you to a selection of icons which allow you to perform different functions. Learning where you stand at any time is as simple as pressing a button. You’ll discover all your latest destinations maintained on this screen also. Navman MY60T GPS 

For you to change your setting you just need to tap the map screen and you can make any adjustments you need to make. This would be the screen that you will find the particular route you’re currently taking. In addition you are able to operate various other functions including modifying the volume, zooming, detouring, rerouting and others.


The Lane guidance is particularly handy if you’re new in the area and are unsure about how the traffic flows.

An additional feature is the intersection option, which lets you know where the intersections are, which can be helpful since it prepares you to slow down for approaching intersections.

The MY60T features automatic day/night mode switching allowing it to adjust the screen lighting without you having to fiddle with it.

The verbal camera as well as the particular school zone alerts are especially useful reminders for you to slow down when you are approaching schools where kids may be crossing the road.

Navman MY60T GPS

Navman MY60T GPS

If you have ever been caught in traffic you are going to love the lifetime traffic messages, which lets you know where traffic is congested so you can go another way.

You’ll enjoy 3D landmarks as well as junction views but be prepared for any abrupt route view interferences brought on by skyscrapers.

Navman MY60T GPS  The Navteq Australia maps which the Navman My60T makes use of covers lane guidance only on main highway exits and intersections. This can leave you feeling like your on the ocean when within the unmapped locations.

Even so, it will take up to a minute for your device to restart, and this can be problematic if you need it immediately.

Navman MY60T GPS

Navman MY60T GPS

The system has been made to be very user friendly. Even so, its transitions as well as animations can be relatively slow and you will probably have to mess with it a bit. It will take a whole lot of time for the GPS system to sort out alternative routes for any given destination. Whilst some people today could care less, there are actually those men and women who are always in a rush and with regard to those people this could be a dilemma.


When it pertains to the roads the unit gives you, it really is basically the same as every other GPS unit. You will also find that it sometimes may pick major highways along with other main roads as an alternative to smaller roads which might actually be the best route.


The reality that this model is smaller than various other devices it is a feature which I personally like. Should you be looking for a modest, efficient GPS unit this would be your best option. Navman MY60T GPS 


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