How To Stop Buffering While Streaming Videos (2021)

How To Stop Buffering

How to stop buffering while playing video’s this question might be occurring inside your mind. When, you play your favorite videos on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. For your numerous videos on different topics such as movies, reviews, and different TV Shows, etc.

For streaming favorite videos on this site, you face buffering problems.

What is Buffering?

Buffering means pre-loading of information into some reserved area of memory. The stored data in the buffer can be played but, the next portion will be not played because it is not stored. Buffering stores data in the background.

It reduces the streaming experience of the users. Your question “how to stop buffering”  can be answered by applying the below-mentioned steps which we had provided.

How to stop buffering

How to Stop Buffering

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Some Streaming Platforms – How To Stop Buffering

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How To Stop Buffering (Methods)

1) Try To Clean Your Browser Data

Local cache for the sites you visit in your browser is stored. Whenever your browser is loaded with cache files then, it slows down your Internet Speed.

In order to fix this problem, you must clear your cache data and cookies in the browser with browsing history.

This method you can easily use to clean your cache file in your browser. Remember this method must be repeated at once.

Also, you can install software for cache and cookies cleanup on your android device to perform clean-up.

2) Try To Stop Background Downloads and Updates

In most of the cases, we found that in our phone background there are several tasks performing automatically.

Such as downloading and updates for any applications. You must stop them in order to experience better streaming performance.

3) Try To Reduce Video Quality

Your doubt on how to stop buffering can be easily solved by reducing video quality,

If your Internet connection is not capable of loading high-quality videos, so you should change the quality of the video, in order that your bandwidth can easily Stream it without buffering. by converting or changing video quality you will not face buffering issues.

4) Try To Reduce Devices Connected With Your Router

Another main reason by which your internet becomes slow and you thought “how to stop buffering” is the number of devices connected to your router.

Your Internet speed divided equally if your router is connected with several devices. Therefore by this, your device gets smaller bandwidth for the internet and it causes your video to buffer.

It takes time to load a single video if your router is connected with other devices. So, make sure to reduce the devices connected with your routers.

5) Try To Upgrade Your Internet Plan

By upgrading your internet plan it becomes easy to stop buffering while playing videos online. By contacting your internet service provider (ISP) you can manage or upgrade your internet plan.

They will provide you the best information suitable for your plan up-gradation. Also, they will provide you exact information about your current Internet plan and when it will exceed.

For those who consume too much bandwidth, some ISPs limit their Internet speed. To refresh your connections you must restart your router.

6) Try To Use Wired Internet Connection

You must try a wired internet connection if again and again, this question arises in your mind “how to stop buffering”. Ethernet is faster than your mobile internet speed.

Due to a wireless internet connection, you received weak singles by which your internet Speed becomes slow. Therefore, using a wired connection will help you to stop buffering. Also, you can easily check your internet Speed through various websites available on the internet.

7) Try To Pause Your Video For Sometimes

This is the last Method which we are sharing with you. If you are facing still the same problem and think “How To Stop Buffering” then, make sure to pause the video you stream.

In order to make the buffer-free video, you must keep patients before your video start. If you pause the video then, it will load automatically in the background and easily it can be played.

It will make buffer-free video and makes a better streaming experience.


Above we had cleared your doubt on How To Stop Buffering. If you had still any doubts or having new methods to overcome with “how to stop buffering” then, please comment us below. We will try to add your methods to this list.

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