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Best Discord Commands & Status Lists (2021)

Best Discord Commands

Discord Commands are usually a types of text and voice commands which you can use while playing games online. Best Discord Commands helps you to communicate with your team members, whenever you want to communicate.

When you are playing a multiplayer game on android then, with the help of discord Commands you can communicate with your friend.

In this corona epidemic people are advisable to stay at home to stay safe and secure. So, many people feel bored while staying at home. To feel entertain you try different online games.

Various games are accessible for android phones, PCs and other gaming gadgets. When playing these games, it is fundamental to organize them through voice or text with your colleagues.

Most of the multiplayer games provides a default inbuilt option for your communication to your friends, while some of the games are not having this options at all ! So, in order to avoid miscommunication among you and your friends while playing, you can easily make use of discord commands.

What actually a Discord is ?

Discord is an informational and VoIP application that can be used to speak with various customers via content, voice or video. All administrations provided by Discord are exempt from cost. You can either join the first cut off or make a second one.

It is accessible in over 25 bids and is viable with some operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. You can use this product on an internet browser.

Important Discord Commands

Discord Commands & Status

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Discord is an easy to use application where you can utilize different orders to alter it to make it more helpful for you and your colleagues! In this manner, here we are with a rundown of all the accommodating Discord orders that you can use to alter your Disord Server.

Lists Of Important Discord Commands

Bellow we had listed some of the most important discord Commands which will help you in your online gaming.

1. Emotes

To improve your chatting experience, you can likewise add different emoticons to your content. To peruse the rundown of emoticons, you can utilize this order on Discord.

2. TTS [message]

You can utilize your voice channel whenever you feel to converse with your colleagues. Be that as it may, if your mic isn’t working, you can utilize this order. The message you composed will be perused resoundingly to everybody in the visit room.

3. Membercount

On the off chance that you wish to get the specific number of individuals in your server, at a specific time, you can utilize this order.

4. Serverinfo

This command can be used to get all the data about your channel. This data includes various descriptions and other supporting data.

5. Giphy [search term]

The more GIFs you use on WhatsApp and other online media stages to show your true feelings, the more you can use them on Discord as well. This order will give you some gifts, depending on the word you see.

6. Moderation Blacklist Add [phrase]

In the event that you are an administrator of a Discord chart Room, you can guarantee that some specific expressions are not shown on your channel. These expressions can be oppressive words or some other expression. You can use this command, and that expression in your channel will be deprecated.

7. nick [new nickname]

At the point when you join , you are given an epithet. On the off chance that you need to change this name, you can utilize this order.

Some Useful Discord Bots & Status

Some of most Important and useful discord status & Bots are provided bellow

If Server is created by you on Discord, you can utilize bots for performing your numerous works.

At First, you just highlight a bot in server which you created on Discord and then deny or allow the Important permission you want to give to the bot. Now, finally after authorisation of bot make use of Discord commands in your server.

1. kick [user] [reason]

To prevent a friend from always entering your server, you can show them with the help of this order or command. The customer can join only when welcomed.

2. ban [user] [limit] [reason]

On the off chance that you need to confine a specific player from your disarranged worker for quite a while, you can utilize this order to do as such!

3. softban [user] [reason]

This order is similar to a boycott order or command, although what matters is that in Soften, it boycotts the client and immediately terminates the boycott. This is similar to the notice shot given to the client. It recreates the messages sent by the customer in the travel room in the same way.

4. mute [user] [minutes] [reason]

On the off chance that you need some quietness in your Discord server, you can quiet all the clients or some particular clients with the assistance of this order. You can set a period server to it or you can unmute them at whatever point you wish.

5. role [user] [role name]

To quickly assign a job to any client, you can enter the client’s name and the job you want to assign in this order.


Well !! We had listed all your Important and Best Discord Commands which will help you to communicate and to take proper action online. Discord Commands makes your experience more user-friendly. This also allows users for the screen sharing upto ten people’s. If you think we had missed any useful Discord Commands please Comment us bellow.

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