dhoom Movie Review

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The Dhoom Movie Review

The Dhoom Movie is an abridged version of the Dhoom Series. It is from the same author, Ramesh Taurani, and is an all-time It is from the same author,


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Ramesh Taurani, and is an all-time favorite. It’s a comedy-drama that explores the life of a poor widowed housewife. favorite. It’s a comedy-drama that explores the life of a poor


widowed housewife. A year or so ago, Ashok, a poor husband, and father of three was looking for a way to provide for his family. He lived with his wife in the same house where he had been married. His wife had her own home, had a good job and had her own money. Ashok had been thinking about retiring to a small village to live alone after all he was quite old and had no time for women. That is when he met Suraj, a girl who was almost as beautiful as his wife. Her face was ravishing and she had a stunning body. Ashok was in love with her. Ashok and Suraj had similar circumstances but their story was different. Ashok had to leave his home because of the tight economic situation. He had to leave his wife and his three daughters behind. On the other hand, Suraj had her own house and a good job. They both worked. Ashok took up jobs like manual scavenging to help sustain his family. And Suraj had to work as a maid in order to provide for her family. The only difference was that Suraj had earned money to support her family while Ashok did not.

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When they met, Ashok was quite conscious of the fact that he was a bachelor. He was wearing a short skirt and a shirt and a white blouse. As a woman, he was wearing long skirts and a sari. In his mind, he had imagined that if he married a lady like Suraj, he would be forced to stop wearing his short skirt and to wear a long dress. Suraj was all smiles when she walked into the room and greeted Ashok.

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They both sat down and began to converse with each other. Ashok had to admit that Suraj was very beautiful and even though he was not as handsome as she was, he admired her more than any other woman. She told him that she was going to marry an unemployed man who lived with his family. She was working as a maid.

Ashok was upset by this news. He wanted to go to the beach and enjoy himself and see the sun. Suraj reassured him that he could go there anytime. After that, Ashok began to fall in love with her. But soon, the two fell out of love and began to hate each other for not having a happy family life. Ashok began to think that the only way to get the person he really loved was to murder her. Suraj, however, was of a different mind. She knew that killing her husband would not solve the problem.

Eventually, Ashok came to realize that the only way to be able to solve the problem was to wait until Suraj got married. Then he would be free to go to the beach. His fears about getting married were unfounded. He and Suraj had a very happy marriage. Both had children and they shared a good financial and social life. Ashok was at the railway station when his brother called him. His brother told him that his sister was kidnapped. Ashok rushed home immediately. His life had been turned upside down. But, somehow, he managed to escape his former life. For the moment, he was not interested in a job that could get him killed like what happened to his wife.

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